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  1. Beijing 2022 well on track on infrastructure and operation, says IOC president Bach


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    The preparation for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games has been going smoothly in terms of both infrastructure construction and operation despite the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said on a teleconference on Thursday.

    "The preparations in Beijing continue to go very well," Bach replied to Xinhua. "We will have very soon in the month of June the next Coordination Commission meeting, together with all international winter sports federations. The reports are very good coming from Beijing both from the infrastructure side as well as on the operational side."

    With the Tokyo Olympic Games being postponed to 2021, only half a year is left before Beijing 2022 unveils, and Bach believes it will be an opportunity for all parties, including the Beijing 2022 organizing committee, which will continue to receive advices from the IOC and relevant organizations.

    "Beijing will continue to benefit from all the important advices of the IOC, the Olympic Games department and the Coordination Commission. We will also have to see and consider what advantages it may even offer to the organization of Beijing being so close to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, because this will keep and even raise the awareness of the world for the Olympic Games at a very high level," the president said.

    "This applies to everybody, to the organization, to sponsors and partners, to the right holding broadcasters, to many others. There is also an opportunity in this closeness."

    Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee released its sustainability plan on Friday, marking an important milestone in preparation for the winter sport extravaganza.