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  1. Mobile phone most popular internet surfing tool among Chinese minors


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    Mobile phones were the most popular device for accessing the internet among Chinese minors in 2019, according to a report on internet use among minors released Wednesday.

    The report said 93.9 percent of the underage internet users go online on mobile phones.

    The device was followed by TVs (56.7 percent), desktop computers (45 percent), laptop computers (31.5 percent) and tablet computers (28.9 percent), read the report, jointly issued by the Chinese Communist Youth League Central Committee and the China Internet Network Information Center.

    The report was based on a survey that covered 34,661 primary and middle school students across the country aged between six and 18.

    Among the underage netizens, 74 percent have their own devices for surfing the internet, among which 63.6 percent have their own mobile phones, figures from the report show.