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  1. Three venues in Yanqing Zone of Beijing 2022 see steady progress


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    Three venues in Yanqing Zone of Beijing Winter Olympic Games are progressing steadily, the construction unit of Yanqing competition area confirmed on Wednesday.

    Competition venues National Alpine Skiing Center and National Sliding Center are estimated to be completed at the end of this year and the non-competition venue Yanqing Winter Olympic Village's athletes model residence area scheduled to appear in June.

    Yanqing District has done its best to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic as work returns to normal. On March 10, the National Sliding Center project team completed the ice-making work of the track in 10 days. At present, track lighting, signaling, scoring, and other auxiliary facilities are being installed as planned.

    Despite the cancellation of FIS Ski World Cup in Yanqing, the National Alpine Skiing Center project team has completed the ice like snow track with a total length of 600 meters on the racing track, focusing on strengthening the data collection and sorting during the window period of the snow season event, and providing support for the snowmaking, snow pressing, patrol and rescue, and ropeway operation for the next snow season.

    This year, the construction focus of the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village project team shifted from main structure construction to project decoration and outdoor supporting construction.