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  2. Change in Foreigners' Application for Residence Permits

    Date:2019-12-11      Source:eBeijing.gov.cn

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    I. Applicants

    If the registration of a foreigner's residence permit is changed, the registration items include: name, gender, date of birth, reason for residence, place of issue, passport or other international travel document number, the accompanying persons who share the same certificate of the holder, etc.

    II. Application Materials and Requirements

    (I) Valid passport or any other international travel document.(If the passport has been changed, the original old passport must be submitted)

    (II) Foreigner Visa Application Form completed in black ink, with a recent 2-inch full-face bareheaded photo with white background attached.

    (III) Valid residence registration of the applicant at a local police station or hotel in Beijing.

    (IV) Proof materials consistent with the reason for the change.

    1. If the passport or other international travel document number is changed, it is required to submit a receipt certificate, a mailing certificate or other certificate issued by the issuing embassy or consulate.

    2. If the name, gender, or date of birth is changed, it is required to submit the change certificate issued by the embassy or consulate of the local country.

    3. If the reason for residence is changed, it is required to submit the application materials necessary for the new reason for residence.

    4. If the place is changed from other province or city to Beijing, it is required to submit the application materials according to the reason for residence.

    5. If any accompanying person who share the same certificate of the holder changes, he/she shall submit a certificate of kinship with the holder, his/her own passport or other evidentiary materials.

    (V) Other application materials to be submitted as required by the exit-entry administration bureau as the case may be.

    III. Notes

    (I) The interview is required for the first application for residence permit in Beijing. Where the applicant is aged under 16 or over 60 and has difficulty in getting about due to illness, or belongs to the high-level talents that are needed by the State and specialized talents that are badly needed, he/she may entrust the inviting entity or individual, his/her relative and the relevant professional service agency to make application on his/her behalf (with a copy of the agent's ID card submitted). However, such applicant shall accept it when the exit-entry administration bureau notifies him or her of an interview.

    (II) The applicant must apply to the residence permit issuing authority for the change within 10 days from the date of the change, and shall submit the corresponding supporting materials.

    (III) Originals of application materials must be submitted for check with copies thereof retained.

    (IV) The application materials in foreign language (except English) shall be submitted after being translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company.

    (V) For the notes to relevant laws and regulations, please refer to No.23 Notes to the Relevant Laws and Regulations on Foreigners Applying for Visa Documents.